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Welcome to The Fish Keg

To our Loyal Patrons
In the spring of 1950, a group of siblings from northern Wisconsin along with an Evanston fireman collaborated on a project that would become The Fish Keg. Success was not guaranteed and one of the brothers had to sell their car in order to raise the capital for inventory. The business survived those lean years to become a staple of the neighborhood that they still operate in today. Those siblings probably weren’t aware that they were building something that would outlive all of them and be passed on to multiple generations of family. What they did was establish our core values: High quality food and service. Staying true to those values is the key to 70+ years of success for the Fish Keg, allowing us to serve our neighborhood as well as other communities near and far. The Fish Keg is grateful to our loyal patrons and we look forward to providing the same quality food and service for years to come.

The Fish Keg Family

Not on the Menu?
We have a wide variety of Seafood in the store, but we are limited by space. With a half days' notice or a call before 9 A.M. the Fish Keg can order and have ready many different types of fish presently not on the menu (if available).Call for requests, price comparison s, etc. Some varieties we can obtain for you include Live Lobster, Red Snapper, Mahi Mahi, Halibut, Tuna, Grouper, etc. etc. etc.

Party Trays
Fish Keg party trays are a great idea for any occasion. Whether its seafood, salads, or chicken, we can have it prepared in the spur of the moment or better yet call ahead and place your order for any time of day and your party order will be ready for pickup. We can usually take your orders as early as 8:00 a.m. We promise to have it prepared fresh to your specifications. Don't forget to take home some of The Fish Kegs homemade sauces to complement your entree.



The Fish Keg Inc.

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